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Restrictions on the establishment of a company with a sole proprietorship!

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Limited liability companies have different conditions for establishment in accordance with tax laws. The minimum registered capital of a one-person limited liability company is RMB 100,000. Shareholders should pay the capital contribution stipulated in the company's articles of association at one time. The establishment of a sole proprietorship company is not subject to the statutory minimum registered capital limit. Nantong registered companies need only the investor to declare Just invest. Nantong registered company In addition, the amount of money contributed by a one-person limited liability company must not be less than 30% of the registered capital of the limited liability company, and the sole proprietorship company has not made any mandatory provisions on the form of capital contribution. , Need to pay corporate income tax, and a sole proprietorship company does not need to pay Kunshan registered company to pay corporate income tax, only need to pay personal income tax. The Notice of the State Council on Levying Individual Income Taxes by Individually Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships stipulates that, starting from January 1, 2000, sole proprietorships and partnerships will cease to collect corporate income tax and levy individual income tax on the basis of individual business income.

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