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Nantong agent bookkeeping: "What four parts does the company name consist of?"

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The company name consists of four parts: 【191566.com】istrative division (region name such as: Shanghai) + company name (such as: Huaneng) + industry description (such as: investment) + organizational form. Administrative division is the name of the 【191566.com】istrative division above the county level where the enterprise is located or The place name registration process prepares more than 5 company names for verification by the Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the seals and seals are divided into official seals, financial seals, corporate seals, and contract seals. At the same time go to the bank to open a capital verification account and deposit investment funds. Organize the data to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for business license, arrange the data to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau for the company organization code certificate, organize the data to the National Tax Administration Office to process the national tax certificate, arrange the data to the Local Tax Administration Office to apply for local tax, or go to the bank that opened the verification account or Other banks open the company's basic account. The company's accounting information is processed by the State Administration of Taxation for company filing and tax reporting matters. The verification (name verification) is the first step in business registration. The company name must conform to the legal format.

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