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Lead and promote industrial transformation and upgrading!

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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In recent years, it has firmly established the concept of "talent resources is the first resource", vigorously implemented the "talent rooting" strategy, actively promoted the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, and continuously optimized the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Nantong registered companies strived to lead and promote the industry with the optimization of the talent structure. The transformation and upgrading have achieved good results. As the leader of the city's economic development, Kunshan Development Zone focuses on the development of an innovative economy, actively builds two highlands of talent gathering and high-end industries, and continuously makes new breakthroughs in the construction of three major platforms: carriers, services, and policies. Foreign ID cards can be registered in Chengdu, shareholders ID area, age 18-55 years old, and family members can. We can provide it without a registered address. Nantong registered company application process: prepare ID card, company name verification-make information-hand over business and industry license-engraving-tax report (accounting)-bank account opening, obtained information: business license copy, official seal , Financial chapter, legal person's chapter, procedures and fees for each district, Jinjiang submitted the window after verification

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