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What requirements should a special invoice be issued for?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Special invoices shall be issued in accordance with the following requirements:

(1) The project is complete and consistent with the actual transaction;

(2) The handwriting is clear and must not be pressed or staggered;

(3) The invoice and deduction couplet of Nantong registered company is stamped with the special financial seal or special invoice;

(4) Issuing according to the time when the VAT tax obligation occurs.

The purchaser of Nantong registered company has the right to reject special invoices that do not meet the requirements listed above.

Article 12 General taxpayers may collectively issue special invoices for selling goods or providing taxable services. Where special invoices are issued collectively, the Anti-Counterfeit Tax Control System is also used to issue the "List of Sales of Goods or Provision of Taxable Labor Services" (Annex 2), and stamp with the special financial seal or special invoice stamp.

Article 13 In the month when a special invoice is issued, a general taxpayer has a situation of return of sales or inaccurate invoices. If the returned invoice coupon or deduction coupon meets the invalidation conditions, it shall be treated as invalid; if an error is found when the invoice is issued, Can be invalidated immediately.

For invalid invoices, the corresponding data message must be treated as "discarded" in the anti-counterfeiting tax control system. The paper invoices (including unprinted special invoices) should be marked as "disappeared" on each link, and retained for all links.

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