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The special red letter invoice issued by the seller should be treated as a voucher!

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The competent tax authority shall, after reviewing the "Application Form" submitted by general taxpayers, issue a "Notice Sheet for Issuing Special VAT Invoices with Scarlet Letters" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice Form", Annex 4). The "Notice" registered company in Nantong shall correspond to the "Application Form" one by one.

Article 17 The "Notice" is in triplicate: the first joint is retained by the purchaser's competent tax authority; the second joint is retained by the purchaser and sent to the seller; the third joint is retained by the purchaser.

The Notice shall be stamped with the seal of the competent tax authority.

The "Notice" Nantong registered company shall be bound into books in turn on a monthly basis and shall be managed in accordance with the special invoice storage regulations.

Article 18 The purchaser must temporarily withdraw the input VAT from the current input VAT according to the value-added tax listed in the Notice. Those that have not deducted the VAT input VAT can be included in the current input VAT, pending receipt of the special red letter invoice Later, it will be used as the voucher together with the retained Notice. Under the circumstances listed in Article 14 (4) of these regulations, the input tax amount is not transferred out.

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