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Should all long-term zero declarations be included in key monitoring?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Should all long-term zero declarations be included in key monitoring?

If the enterprise is in the pre-construction period or has poor operations or was shut down according to law, it should not be included in the key monitoring scope, but it must be filed with the tax authority in time.

Consequences of Long-term Zero Declaration of Nantong Registered Companies

1. Tax authorities include taxpayers in the key monitoring scope and conduct tax assessments in accordance with relevant regulations. During the assessment process, they found that they had concealed income, false invoices, etc., and required them to pay the current tax and late payment fees, and they could be paid in accordance with regulations. Impose a fine on it and transfer it to the auditor for serious circumstances;

2. If the taxpayer is a fugitive, he shall be included in the list of major dishonesty according to regulations and announced to the public. At the same time, the system shall be used to check the "recipient" to check whether it has obtained a false value-added tax invoice, malicious collusion, etc., and shall proceed in accordance with regulations. Investigate, and at the same time directly assess the fugitive taxpayer as a D-class taxpayer, and bear the consequences of the D-class taxpayer;

3. For the taxpayers with long-term zero declaration and holding invoices, the Nantong registered company will reduce the invoices and reduce the amount of invoices. At the same time, taxpayers may be required to regularly go to tax authorities to check the use of invoices in accordance with regulations;

4. The tax authority can verify the taxpayer's income using the cost formula in accordance with relevant regulations.

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