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What is the company registration process and how much does it cost?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered company to discuss in detail the procedures and fees for Nantong registered company:

Nantong Registered Company

first step

Verification name: Go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce to get a [Enterprise (Font) Name Pre-approval Application Form], fill in the company name you are going to get, and the Administration for Industry and Commerce (Intranet of Industry and Commerce) will search the Internet for duplicate names, if not, , You can use this name and a [Enterprise (Font) Name Pre-approval Notice] will be issued. For company verification, you can

In order to select a few more Italian and Chinese company names, you can use Baidu and various business information platforms to search for the same or the same company name to prevent your name from being the same as an existing company name. After the verification is approved, a notice of pre-approval of the name is printed.

Second step

Rent: Go to a special office building to rent an office. If you have a factory or office, you can also work in some places. After renting, you need to sign a rental contract and ask the landlord to provide a copy of the real estate certificate.

After signing the rental contract, you have to go to the tax bureau to buy stamp tax, which is purchased at a rate of one thousandth of the annual rent. For example, if your annual rent is 10,000 yuan, you need to buy a stamp tax of 10 yuan and paste it on the rental contract. On the first page of the homepage, wherever a rent contract is needed, a copy of the contract with the stamp duty is required. Nantong Registered Company (After March 1, 2014, the applicant can register after submitting the certificate of legal use of the venue.)

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