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What are the conditions for foreign commercial factoring registration?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered company's commercial factoring means that the exporter transfers its current or future receivables based on the goods sales / service contract with the buyer to the factoring agent (financial institution providing factoring services) The factoring company provides it with a comprehensive financial service method of a series of services such as financial communication, importer credit evaluation, sales account management, credit risk guarantee, and account collection.

Nantong Registered Company Commercial Factoring

Nantong registered company foreign investment commercial factoring registration conditions

1 The sponsor has a Hong Kong company that has been established for more than five years, issued an audit report of the company for nearly one year, a notary of a Hong Kong company lawyer, and a good bank credit certificate

2 The investor has a sound corporate governance structure and perfect internal risk control system, and the total assets of the investor in the year before the application are not less than 50 million yuan.

3 At the time of application for establishment, there should be 3 or more senior management personnel who have more than 3 years of management experience in the financial field and have no bad records.

4 An enterprise shall be established in the form of a limited liability company with a registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan and a joint stock company of not less than 100 million yuan.

5 Commercial factoring enterprises should set up independent companies, and the operating period generally does not exceed 30 years.

6 A commercial factoring company shall add the words "commercial factoring" to its name.

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