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What are the registration procedures for registered companies due to private immigration?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered company's private entry-exit company registration process: Nantong registered company company verification—submit business registration materials—receive business license—engraving—for tax related matters

1. Company verification name:

Materials: "Application for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name", "Certificate of Designated Representative or Co-Agent"

If you go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to verify the name yourself, you only need to complete the "Application for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name" submission. After the approval of the enterprise name, there will be a "Notification of Pre-approval of Enterprise Name".

Matters needing attention of Nantong registered company: There should be more and more alternative font sizes for the company. It is better to submit more than 5 Chinese characters, and it is better to recognize uncommon characters.

Verification cycle: 5 working days

2. Submit business registration materials:

This step prepares the corresponding materials and submits them directly to the Administration for Industry and Commerce.

3. Obtain business license:

After the enterprise registration is completed, the business license can be obtained from the business hall after passing the industrial and commercial review.

4, carved chapter:

After obtaining the business license, you can engrav the relevant seals, such as the legal person's seal, financial seal, official seal, and contract-specific seal, etc., and register with the public security organs for registration.

5. Handle tax related matters.

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