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What convenience does the bank provide for business registration agency business?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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With the increasing number of applications for industrial and commercial registration, Nantong registered companies have been under increasing pressure from the industrial and commercial departments, which has led to a certain amount of time for applicants to register and low service efficiency. In response to this problem, the government and the bank reached a cooperation agreement. The bank provides the business registration agency service, which provides a convenient way for enterprises to apply for business registration.

Nantong registered company applicants need to select a bank to make an appointment first, and then submit the registration application materials to the bank. The bank will conduct a preliminary review. After the materials are approved, the applicant will be issued a "receipt of receipt of materials" and the data will be transmitted to the registration authority for approval. After the registration authority approves, the applicant will obtain the business license in accordance with the original choice of the collection method. There are three types of collection methods: mail delivery, bank collection and registration agency collection. It is worth noting that the bank only handles the business registration agency business in its area and does not accept cross-region processing. In addition, the business registration business handled by the bank is limited. Some registration services are not processed. Applicants should choose according to their needs. It should also be noted that the business agency services provided by banks do not charge any fees.

Nantong registered company applicants choose the bank's industrial and commercial registration agency business, there is no need to go to the industrial and commercial bureau to queue up, which greatly saves the applicant's time, the bank arranges professionals to replace the industrial and commercial bureau for registration consultation, preliminary review of information and other processes, Effectively alleviated the pressure of large business volume of registration windows, and improved the service efficiency of the industrial and commercial sector. For banks, the commercial and industrial agency business attracted more companies, and promoted the development of financial services such as bank wealth management and financing. .

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