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How to register a logistics company? What issues need attention?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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In recent years, the demand of the logistics industry has greatly increased, and more and more people want to register a logistics company in Nantong Registered Company . So how do you register a logistics company? What issues do we need to pay attention to during registration?

Nantong Registered Company

Nantong registered company registered logistics company First of all you need to have sufficient funds and site, vehicles for transportation are also necessary. Ordinary companies have a minimum registration fee of 30,000 yuan and need partners or shareholders; you need an office and storage space on the site; and a vehicle-related license for operation. First, check the name. Determine the company type and approximate business scope, and give it a corresponding name. It requires the logistics company's capital and the proportion of shares held by each shareholder, as well as copies of the ID cards of all investors. This process takes about one working day. The second step is capital verification. Relying on the name-checking checklist issued by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, you can go to the corresponding bank to go through the relevant procedures such as fund registration and receive payment and account statements, and go to the relevant firm for a capital verification report. This process takes about two working days. The third step is to apply for a business license. The required materials are an application for a registered logistics company signed by the legal representative of the company; the original and photocopy of the identity cards of the company's legal person and partner; capital verification report; certificate of use of the company's residence; articles of association; Proof of approved project. This process takes about five working days. The fourth step is for the tax bureau to handle tax registration, prepare all required information, fill in the relevant information truthfully, and provide relevant certificates. The fifth step is to obtain a business license. When you receive the notice of approval for the registration of the logistics company, you can go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce to collect the original and copy of the business license.

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