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What kind of enterprise is suitable for agent bookkeeping?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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So, what kind of company is suitable for bookkeeping in Nantong registered company ?

Enterprises suitable for bookkeeping by agents should be small economic organizations and individual industrial and commercial households that should establish accounts. From the actual situation, the economic organizations entrusted with bookkeeping are basically SMEs. The individual industrial and commercial households that should establish an account refer to the individual industrial and commercial households that are engaged in production and operation and have a fixed production and operation site, and are not exempt from the obligation to establish an account. Finance companies can perform accounting in accordance with regulatory requirements and provide the financial information needed for business decisions. There is no need to provide full-time financial accountants for accounting, reducing the cost of accountants' salaries and labor security and simplifying labor management procedures. You do n’t have to worry about brain drain, you can still enjoy high-quality, more professional financial and accounting services.

Many people in Nantong registered company think that agent bookkeeping is illegal, but in fact, agent bookkeeping has strict legal basis. According to the "Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China", all units shall set up accounting institutions according to the needs of accounting business; if they do not meet the requirements, they shall entrust the establishment of an intermediary institution engaged in accounting business with approval.

Due to the outstanding advantages of low cost, professional service, convenient and practicality, the agent bookkeeping agency of Nantong Registered Company plays the role of accounting for many small and medium-sized enterprises. . Agency bookkeeping is to provide enterprises with basic accounting services, which can reduce the cost and expenses of their own accounting personnel, while taking full advantage of the financial company's accounting team's rich professional experience, familiar with fiscal and tax regulations, and effectively use fiscal and tax policies to reduce corporate finance and tax Risk, easily cope with various supervision and inspection, and enjoy high-quality, professional financial accounting full service.

Now agent bookkeeping services are mainly divided into customer delivery and on-site services. Customer delivery means that the customer sends all the original data to the financial accounting company or the financial accounting company sends someone to the customer to retrieve the original data, and the financial accounting company performs the accounting and accounting work. On-site service is the designated accountant of the financial bookkeeping company, which regularly visits client units to provide face-to-face services.

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