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What are the tax support policies for implementing leverage reduction?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered companies looking for agency agencies, in addition to being legal and formal, also need to be able to do tax reporting on behalf of the agency, and the service platform can help you solve everything you need. Because after the success, you need to do tax reporting, and choosing the proxy for tax reporting is the most effective way for the startup company to save expenses. Therefore, you need to choose a proxy for accounting. The company that can register the company and the agency accounting can save you The time to find an agent is less troublesome in data transfer, and more importantly, it can save a lot of money. Nantong registered companies' SMEs play an increasingly important role in China's national economy, but their essential characteristics determine that they are weak and unstable and cannot compete with large enterprise groups in the fierce competition. Need government policy support. The policy support for SMEs is mainly realized through fiscal and tax policies. The fiscal and taxation support policies for SMEs in foreign countries have been relatively complete and achieved outstanding results. Since the reform and opening up of Nantong Registered Company, although China has formulated many fiscal and taxation support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, compared with the support policies of developed countries, there are still many deficiencies, and the corresponding fiscal and taxation policies need to be further reformed and improved.

The Notice clearly states that the implementation of tax-relevant policies related to leverage reduction includes the following eight items:

(1) Restructuring actions such as the acquisition, merger, and debt restructuring of an enterprise that meets the conditions stipulated by the tax law can enjoy the preferential tax deferred tax policy for corporate income tax.

(2) Enterprises investing in non-monetary assets can enjoy the corporate income tax policy in installments within 5 years as required.

(3) In the event of bankruptcy or cancellation of an enterprise, when liquidating the enterprise income tax, relevant liquidation expenses and employee wages, social insurance expenses, and statutory compensation may be deducted before tax in accordance with regulations.

(4) The loss of an enterprise's creditor's rights that meets the conditions stipulated by the tax law may be deducted when calculating the taxable income of the enterprise income tax in accordance with regulations.

(5) The loan loss reserves withdrawn by financial enterprises in accordance with the regulations may be deducted before corporate income tax if they meet the requirements of the tax law.

(6) In the process of corporate reorganization, the enterprise transfers all or part of the physical assets and related creditor's rights, liabilities and labor to other units and individuals through merger, division, sale, replacement, etc. The transfer of goods, real property and land use rights is not subject to VAT if it meets the regulations.

(7) The land value-added tax, deed tax and stamp tax involved in the reorganization and restructuring of enterprises can enjoy relevant preferential policies if they meet the requirements.

(8) Taxpayers who meet the conditions for credit asset securitization policies can enjoy relevant preferential policies.

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