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What is the usage and difference of each company account?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The usage and differences of each company account are as follows:

The capital verification account is mainly used for capital verification when registering a company. This account can only deposit funds and cannot withdraw funds. Only after the company's business license, code certificate and tax registration certificate have been processed, can the basic account be opened. Withdraw funds.

The basic account is mainly a company account used to deposit, withdraw and transfer money. Each company can only have one basic account. This account is a company's normal use account. It can deposit or withdraw funds at any time. The way to withdraw funds must go through the company. Withdrawal by cash or transfer check.

I remind you that general accounts are mainly used for transfers. A company can open multiple general accounts at each bank. General accounts must be opened on the premise of a basic account. General accounts can deposit or withdraw funds at any time, but Withdrawal funds must be transferred to the company's basic account through a company transfer check and then withdrawn by a company cash check.

Establishing a company account can help the company's future business development and also avoid some debt risks, which is also a constraint on the company.

Nantong registered company's new company is difficult to set up at the beginning. It is necessary to get a loud name for the company, and to help the company determine the company's domicile, form the company's articles of association, apply for a business license, engraved the official seal, apply for a code certificate, handle tax registration, and finally set up a business. Basic account. So what accounts need to be set up for the company, and what is the difference between them? The editor of Nantong registered company tells you.

Company accounts are divided into: general accounts for capital verification accounts and basic accounts.

The Nantong registered company's opening steps are: first open a capital verification account, then open a basic account, and finally open a general account.

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