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What materials do registered companies need to submit to the fire department?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Overview of Nantong registered company catering company registration process:

1. Check name 2. Food sanitation permit, public health permit, fire protection, environmental protection 3. Business license 4. Tax registration

I. Name Search of Catering Company

Nantong Registered Company Catering Company Name Search Preparation Materials

1. Copy of legal representative, shareholder ID card or legal person's identity certificate;

2. Amount of registered capital and investment proportion of each shareholder;

3. Five or more company names;

4. Business scope of the company;

Food Sanitation License for Catering Companies

(1) The fire station (submit floor plan before renovation, see the site within one week).

Submit the required materials for the fire station:

1. Fire declaration report form for interior decoration design;

2. The original building's << engineering project fire design review proposal;

3. Renovation floor, elevation, section, node details, material table and description of the decoration floor, newly designed fire equipment << electricity, water, wind >> plan and system diagram

(2) 7 work sunrise submissions after acceptance by the fire station (see the site within 10 days after completion).

Nantong registered company submits the materials required by the fire station:

1. Municipal Construction Engineering Fire Acceptance Declaration Form;

2. The commissioning report of building fire-fighting facilities shall be stamped with the official seal of the commissioning unit and signed by the commissioning personnel. The logical relationship diagram of the fire alarm linkage control system shall be prepared or the commissioning unit shall be stamped with the corporate seal

3. The construction records of fire protection spray coating of steel structures shall be filled by the construction personnel, and the construction unit shall supervise and confirm the legal person seal of the construction unit;

4. Fill in the prescribed format of the fire protection product list, which shall include the fire protection products used in the project and the building components with fire resistance requirements, non-combustible or non-combustible materials.

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