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How to effectively reduce the operating costs of small and micro enterprises?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered companies will increase from business reforms this year, improve the list of local charges, and clean up various 【191566.com】istrative transaction fees and government funds. You talk about it.

I. Cost reduction is more reflected in tax and burden reduction

Small and micro enterprises are the mainstays of supporting employment and are the new force for market innovation. Data show that in recent years, China's small and micro enterprises have developed well, accounting for a continuous increase in the total number of enterprises. Newly established small and micro enterprises account for more than 80% of employment. In addition to providing a large number of employment opportunities, small and micro enterprises have also enabled China's consumption to grow rapidly and steadily, exceeding the support of investment for the economy, and optimizing the structure of the Chinese economy.

In response to the operating burden of small and micro enterprises, China has successively introduced a number of policies and measures for tax reduction and exemption. The State Council Executive Meeting held recently also specifically deployed to further clean up and standardize enterprise-related charges, and introduced a batch of institutional and long-term management 2. Effective measures to clear fees. However, from the current point of view, the cost of physical enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, is still relatively high. Among them, excessive fees, excessive fees, and excessive miscellaneous fees are particularly prominent.

An expert from Nantong Registered Company said that firstly, China ’s entity enterprises still have a heavy tax and fee burden, which has largely eroded the profit space of small and micro enterprises; secondly, the government has higher 【191566.com】istrative costs, government funds and 【191566.com】istrative fees, etc. Further aggravated the operating difficulties of small and micro enterprises.

Many experts said that reducing the cost of small and micro enterprises is an important measure to further promote supply-side structural reforms and directly reduce the operating burden of enterprises. It is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of small and micro enterprises and promote the healthy and sustainable development of small and micro enterprises. In the current situation of small and micro enterprises generally faced with financing difficulties, and resources and labor costs continue to rise, tax and fee reductions are more targeted and effective support measures for small and micro enterprises. This year's work focus will also be on further promoting the reform of business reform and reducing institutional transaction costs.

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