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How does a company look up a registered company name?

Release date: 2019-02-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The registration process of Nantong registered company is continuously streamlined. As long as the materials are ready, wait for the company name to come down and go through the following process after issuing the business license. However, the problem of headaches has come. , The customer also did not understand. Today's Nantong registered company will come to understand how companies query the registered company name.

How to name a company

The company name consists of 4 parts + font size + industry + limited company; font size + () + industry + limited company; font size + industry + () + limited company.

Second, the company registration company name must not contain the following content and text

1. Name of foreign country (region), name of international organization;

2. Names of political parties, names of party, government, and military organs, names of mass organizations, names of social groups, and troop numbers;

3. Chinese pinyin letters and Arabic numerals;

4. Some relevant content or words that are detrimental to the national and social public interests;

5. Content or text that may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public;

6. Prohibited by other laws and 【191566.com】istrative regulations;

Third, the company registration company name check matters

1. Need to use about 5 names for backup.

2. The company's name, registered capital, numerator ratio, and business scope must be well resolved before the company's name is checked;

3. The name approval time is about 5 working days;

4. The limited company's name is retained for a limited period of six months, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will give you a Notice of Pre-approval of Name. If you do not complete the business registration within six months, it will be void;

Some bosses who are more anxious can put their own names in advance and check their names on the official website to see if they have a good chance of passing. They can check five company names every day. Generally, we recommend that when you are naming, you can choose a favorite word and a lonely word, that is, a combination of two irrelevant words. Try to use a name within 2 words as the font size. The font size of 3 to 4 characters is not approved. No, but the probability is very small. Nantong registered company and several more to avoid duplicate names, turned it over and was rejected, tossing back and forth, delaying registration time and work efficiency. Share with you the company's name naming skills. It is generally recommended not to be too big and magnificent, and not to use some popular words, such as (Chinese, dry, Chinese, surplus, Chang, Tong, Wan, Xiang, etc.)

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