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What are the benefits of registering an international trademark?

Release date: 2019-04-06 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Benefits of Nantong Registered Company International Trademark

Nantong registered company's international trademark actually has many benefits. Nantong registered company shares the benefits of the organized international trademark.

1.Prevent trademark squatting from others

As one of the most important intangible assets of an enterprise, trademarks play a pivotal role in international economic activities. Enterprises must have the concept of actively registering foreign-related trademarks and "trademark first" in order to obtain effective legal protection when facing overseas markets , Avoiding squatting of trademarks, not reclaiming trademark rights at high cost, or being forced to rebuild a new brand.

2. Reduce legal risks such as defending rights and being sued

To successfully expand the international market and effectively occupy the international market, Chinese companies must first obtain a trademark registration. Protecting a trademark is equivalent to protecting the profit source and sustainable development of the enterprise. Before a general foreign company enters the market of another country, it will first apply for a registered trademark. After the trademark registration right is determined, its products will enter the market of that country. Most countries have a long registration cycle, which usually takes about 2 years. Some countries Even as long as 5-6 years, in order to better facilitate the implementation of export plans, to obtain trademark use rights in the exporting country in time, to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future, it is necessary to properly register international trademarks in advance. In addition, if the company does not consider trademark registration and inquiry before exporting, it is likely that it does not know that it has infringed on the trademark rights of others in that country; once others have previously registered, it is likely to have passive infringement and face cross-border litigation and The risk of huge compensation.

3. Establish a complete brand body to promote global development

The registered editor of Tianjin Company reminds you that most consumers think that the quality of the products using registered trademarks is more reliable and easy to win the trust of consumers. After the trademark is effectively registered, it can occupy the market steadily for a long time, expand sales, maintain good reputation, and expand the influence of the trademark. At the same time, it can also lay a solid foundation for brand globalization.

4.Enjoy relevant national preferential policies

China is now a global manufacturing center with a large trade surplus, but the added value of our exported products is not high, and trade frictions continue. The export products urgently need to be upgraded, and we need to launch our own brand in the international market. The government attaches great importance to and encourages export companies to create their own brands overseas. After an export enterprise obtains a trademark registration certificate abroad, it may apply to the relevant departments for special fund subsidies.

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