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What materials should I prepare to register an international trademark?

Release date: 2019-04-06 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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What materials to prepare for Nantong registered company international trademark

After Nantong registered company understands the conditions for international trademark registration, do you know what materials to prepare for international trademark registration? The following Nantong registered company will answer your questions.

(1) Application. All countries require the application to be filled. Except for the US, which requires the application to be completed by the applicant itself, most other countries do not. The application can be filled out by an agent. China also accepts such applications because the rules for commodity classification vary from country to country. The applicant often cannot figure out how to fill it out, so he has to entrust the agent to fill in the blank application signed in advance.

In addition, most countries require one application form for each trademark, with a few exceptions. As long as the trademarks are the same, several different categories of goods are allowed to complete only one application form.

(2) Power of attorney. The power of attorney is an important document entrusted and authorized by the trademark applicant to handle the application for trademark registration. In most countries, a power of attorney is required when applying for registration.

The procedures for handling powers of attorney are also different. Generally speaking, developed countries require relatively wide requirements, such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan and other countries. It is only required that the power of attorney be signed by the applicant. Some countries require that the power of attorney must be notarized or certified. China requires that the power of attorney be notarized, but if the other country does not require notarization or certification, China will also handle it on a reciprocal basis.

(3) National Registration Certificate. Some countries, such as some of the Madrid Agreement and the Middle East Arab countries, require that when applying for trademark registration, they must submit a certificate of registration of the trademark in their home country. In some countries, the registration certificate issued before the publication of China's Trademark Law without a validity period of registration also required the Chinese registration authority to provide proof that the trademark is valid for 10 years.

(4) Certificate of nationality and business registration certificate. A nationality certificate is a document proving the applicant's nationality. If the applicant is a company organization, as long as it obtains in its home country that it is a company organized under the laws of that country. Some countries require that a company registration certificate be submitted, or a company or business registration extract be used in place of a nationality certificate.

(5) Other documents. The editor reminds you that a few countries also require some additional documents to be attached, such as Switzerland requiring proof of business address, and South Yemen requiring a declaration of trademark ownership.

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