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What should I pay attention to when registering a company name as a trademark?

Release date: 2019-04-26 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The registered trademark of the company name of Nantong registered company is a word mark. At present, the company name can be registered as a trademark. However, from the perspective of user memory, the shorter the brand name, the better. Any application for a trademark with a name or picture mark has a chance of failure, and in part it will be rejected by the Trademark Office due to lack of distinctiveness. Even a business name cannot guarantee complete registration. So, what do you need to pay attention to when registering a company name as a trademark? The next company registration by Nantong Registration Company will briefly introduce you:

(I) Trademark applications containing only company names need to be cautious

From the perspective of risk, given that there is no clear-cut theory for trademark examination standards that contain only corporate names, and in recent years, the examination has become stricter, and many cases have been rejected due to lack of significance.

(2) It is recommended to apply for the company name + other significant parts

If there is a need to use the company name as a trademark logo in actual use, it is recommended to add other significant parts for joint application. Register by adding or subtracting words with substantial meaning.

(3) You can try to change the form. You cannot register in Chinese. You can register in English.

The Chinese characters cannot be registered. You can register the trademark by using Pinyin or Pinyin abbreviation. When using it, mark the company name under the corresponding brand name. Consumers can very intuitively know that the English (Pinyin) trademark is the company.

(4) Use words related to corporate culture to register

(5) If the company name has been widely used in practice and has a certain reputation, you can fight for rights through review

The Nantong Registered Company reminds you that if the applicant believes that it has trademarked the company name and has put a large amount of goods or services into the market, it has a certain popularity and influence. The company name can already directly distinguish the goods or services among the relevant public. If the service source is used, even if the trademark application containing only the company name is rejected, it can be recovered through the refusal review procedure. In the refusal of the review, the applicant can provide a large amount of evidence to prove that the company name has passed the use of the Trademark Law, and may be registered successfully.

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