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What are the requirements for registered capital of different types of companies?

Release date: 2019-04-27 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Regardless of the registered company or elsewhere, the registered capital of Nantong is an indispensable thing. So what are the requirements for the registered capital of different types of companies? Next, Nantong registered company will come to talk about it in detail.

1. Limited Liability Company Registration:

An enterprise legal person established in accordance with the "Company Law", in which shareholders are liable to the company within the limits of their capital contributions, and the company is responsible for the company's debts with all its assets. Shareholders of 2 (including 2) or more (units or individuals can be shareholders), 50 or less (including 50), the minimum registered capital of the company is 30,000, if it is a company invested by one person alone (ie: one-person limited company ) Low registered capital requirement is 100,000 yuan. The registration of establishment shall be filled with a designated power of attorney, which shall be handled by the principal. The principal shall be an employee of a natural person shareholder or a legal person shareholder. It can also be entrusted with a registration agency.

2. Registration of a limited liability company:

The basic requirements of Nantong registered company with a low company registered capital of 5 million yuan: (1) To establish a joint stock limited company, there should be more than five people as promoters, of which more than half of the promoters must have a domicile in China. When a state-owned enterprise is converted into a company limited by shares, the sponsor may be less than five, but it shall be established by means of fundraising;

(2) The promoters of a company limited by shares must subscribe for the shares it should subscribe for in accordance with the law and undertake the company's preparations;

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