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What do registered companies need to pay attention to when operating a house?

Release date: 2019-04-27 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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What do Nantong registered company companies need to pay attention to when operating houses?

Nantong registered company purchases or rents production and operation houses, not only must consider geographical location, surrounding environment, traffic conditions, traffic flow and popularity, but also must sign an agreement with the real owner of the property right. Directly signed must also be signed by an agent entrusted by the property owner to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

The leasing contract for the house for production and operation signed by the entrepreneur of Nantong registered company according to law is a valid contract. Only after it is approved by the 【191566.com】istrative department of industry and commerce, can the company be registered for renewal and obtain the qualification for production and operation. The registration of Chaoyang Agent Company summarizes the following related matters of the company's operating houses:

1. The rent payment should be appropriate. If you have the financial means, you can pay annually. In addition, you can discuss with the landlord for half a year or quarterly.

2. Whether it will be demolished during the lease period due to road widening and old house renovation, which will affect the use.

3. Whether the hydropower of the leased house can be used normally and whether it is temporary hydropower to avoid disputes.

4. The lease period of the house should be appropriate, and it should be determined according to the development direction of the production and operation project, usually about three years.

5. The decoration should be determined according to the lease period. Long leases can be better renovated, and short periods don't require much investment.

6. If the house is in a residential area and generates noise or pollution, as long as the residents report it, they will be investigated.

7. Payment of rent must be timely. The company registration editor reminds you not to bury hidden dangers in the payment of the rent. For example, if the rent is not paid for a certain period of time, the landlord has the right to take back the house.

8. It should be clear in the contract that when the lease expires, the lessee can give priority to the lease under the same conditions.

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