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What chapters need to be carved after registering a company? What is their use?

Release date: 2019-04-28 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong Registered Company

The company's official seal and other important seals are proof of the company's actions. Therefore, after registering a company, you need to find five seals designated by the Public Security Bureau, including the official seal, financial seal, contract special seal, invoice special seal, and legal person seal.

The special stamp of the contract is carried by the sales staff to sign the contract with the customer. The special stamp of the invoice is used to obtain the invoice from the tax bureau. When the tax bureau handles the invoice collection book, the special stamp of the invoice needs to be stamped.

The corporate seal is mainly used for the company's relevant resolutions and for bank-related affairs.

Nantong registered company seal to keep:

The official seal is generally kept by the 【191566.com】istrative staff. After the leader signs it, the 【191566.com】istrative staff affixes the official seal according to the signature. The financial chapter is generally managed by the person in charge of finance. The contract-specific seal is generally kept by the salesperson. The legal representative manages it in person. Of course, for a newly established company, these five chapters may all be managed by the boss.

Identification of Zhang Zi

Nantong registered company pays special attention: if there is no anti-counterfeiting seal, there is no way to handle banking business, and the business license cannot be inspected annually.

What materials do I need to engrave a security seal? Copies of the company's business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and corporate identity card.

Anti-counterfeiting badges are necessary, and you must prepare accordingly, because when you need them, you have to wait a week or two to get them, which may delay your business. One of our customers did not have the time stamp, and delayed the bank's affairs, which caused the payment to the supplier to be delayed for more than half a month before paying, which seriously affected the cooperative relationship.

The purpose of the chapter:

The official seal is generally used for the issuance of the company's internal 【191566.com】istrative documents and for external related matters.

The financial chapter is mainly used for bank affairs and the settlement of company financial transactions.

Nantong registered company reminds you that each anti-counterfeiting stamp has a unique code, and at the same time, the fine lines automatically generated by the machine, each chapter is different, just like a human fingerprint. The information of these stamps is in the system of the Public Security Bureau. There is a record, you can check the authenticity, but if the seal is lost, it is more troublesome, you need to report the statement first and then go to the seal point to make up.

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