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What are the materials for Internet travel agency domestic travel license preparation?

Release date: 2019-04-30 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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In recent years, the Nantong registered company has developed the Internet very quickly. The Internet era has brought great convenience to our lives, and it has also caused a lot of influence on the social fire. Facing the challenges of social information security brought by the Internet era, personal information has encountered There are endless leaks of news. Faced with the leakage of personal information, not only have our information been leaked, but the leakage may also increase personal safety risks. Nantong Registered Company is preparing materials for the domestic travel business license of the Internet agency

1.An original application for setting up a travel agency (there is a sample text online)

2. Business License of Enterprise Legal Person (1 original, 1 copy)

Licensing process for domestic travel agency

Nantong registered company approval agency: Municipal Tourism Bureau

Approval cycle: 25 working days

Online appointment

2. Window reception

3. Background review

4. Review by the Director

5. Review by the leaders of the competent committee

6. Print the temporary license and approval for processing related procedures and notify the enterprise to collect

7. Receiving personnel review the relevant filed materials from the enterprise, recover the temporary license, and issue the original and copy of the "Travel Agency Business Operation License" to the travel agency.

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