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What is website level protection and how do I apply for website level protection?

Release date: 2019-05-02 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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The information leakage situation of the Nantong registered company era will have a certain impact on social stability, so is there any way to solve it? In the face of this situation, relevant departments have also taken measures: protection of information security levels.

We take a common website as an example, and the Nantong registered company will explain to you: What is website level protection? How to host website level protection qualification?

What is website level protection?

Nantong registered company website level protection broadly refers to the security work related to working standards, products, systems, information and so on. According to the idea of level protection. In a narrow sense, it usually refers to the security level protection of information systems. Network security level protection refers to the security protection of state secret information, legal persons or other organizations, and the proprietary information of citizens, as well as information systems that disclose, store, transmit, and process information, and hierarchical management of security products used in information systems Respond to and deal with information security incidents in the information system in a hierarchical manner.

How to manage website level protection qualification?

If you want to handle website level protection, you must first meet the conditions for website level protection. What are the requirements for website level protection application qualifications: website risk assessment report (level 3 or higher).

Website grade protection qualification application materials

1. Website risk assessment report (provided by us, level 3 or above required);

2. Information system security level protection record form;

3. Basic information related to the enterprise;

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