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What procedures do registered companies need to prepare for three-in-one?

Release date: 2019-05-02 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Nantong registered company applies for three certificates, even if it has previous experience in handling, it does not mean that the next application can be passed once. After all, there are still troubles in the application process, such as the extension of digital certificates, problems with online banking, etc. Nantong registered company has summarized the following procedures for the integration of three certificates:

1. Personal online banking shield of corporate legal person;

Due to the different operating platforms of different banks, the corporate legal person's personal online banking shield also has differences in the actual operation process. Experience: level, middle, recruitment, construction, and work.

2. Get the enterprise digital certificate (effectively go directly to the next link);

No digital certificate application is required. A digital certificate already exists to check whether it has expired (valid for 1 year). You can apply for an extension if it is expired.

3. Change of business license, tax registration certificate, organization codebook;

Refers to the consistency of changes in business, such as legal person, office address, registered capital, etc. before the three certificates are combined.

4. Online appointment application for three certificates;

5. Pass online and submit changes on-site by printing;

Apply online and pass. Generally, you can go to the hall of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to submit information and exchange certificates on site.

6. Customs changes;

After the three certificates are combined, bring the changed certificate and the certificate of the customs consignor and consignor to the customs window to change the certificate.

Nantong Registered Company's "Three Certificates in One" has replaced the separate industrial and commercial registration number, organization code certificate number and tax registration certificate number with "unified social credit codes for legal persons and other social organizations". The bond is to establish and improve the social credit system through the unity, compatibility and uniqueness of the identity of commercial entities. To this end, in accordance with the principles of interoperability and information sharing, the industry and commerce department shared the basic enterprise registration information and changes in registration information through the registration and parallel approval platform, which laid a good foundation for credit construction and collaborative governance.

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