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Can I register a company without an address?

Release date: 2019-05-03 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Can a Nantong registered company register without an address?

When it comes to registering a company, I believe that it must be complete in the eyes of people, but can you register a company without an address? In fact, you can also register a company without an address, as long as you register a company without an address, you can't underestimate it.

The so-called non-registered company registered by Nantong Company seems to be able to register a company without an address, but it is not actually without an address. We all know that registered companies need a registered address. This is a matter of common sense, but this requirement is only for companies with very good economic strength. Companies with economic strength can buy a public office, or they can choose to rent an office to work, so that the problem of registered addresses can be solved. However, for some young people who have just started a business, poverty is the main characteristic of these entrepreneurs, so it is really difficult for them to ask them to put out a large amount of money to invest in renting a house.

Nantong Registered Company's non-registered company is also a new policy to help those who start their businesses. At present, this policy has not yet been implemented nationwide. Only a few cities in China have implemented this policy. In the absence of an address, the entrepreneur needs to provide a virtual address. Many people think that this virtual address is illegal or there is a certain security risk.

In fact, the virtual address provided by the entrepreneur is not a non-existing address, but a real address. This address can be used for registration, but it can not be located at this address. The real office address needs to be registered with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and let the Bureau of Industry and Commerce check, and then go on in accordance with the process.

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