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What are the mandatory requirements for successful company registration?

Release date: 2019-05-04 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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With the continuous prosperity of the economy and the continuous development of the e-commerce industry, Nantong registered companies are constantly emerging. Faced with such a huge business opportunity, you who have discovered the business opportunity will definitely want to seize the opportunity to register and join the army of logistics and transportation. Then you must clearly know the hard points of registration. Then let me introduce to you some detailed requirements for registration!

Nantong registered company registration is company registration first, so in order to successfully register, we must first meet the rigid requirements of company registration. For example, first of all, there must be company shareholders. The number of shareholders can be one, or two or more. When registering, you need to provide the identity information of the shareholders; secondly, there must be a legal representative of the company. The legal representative can be selected by the shareholders from a large number of shareholders in accordance with certain election rules, or it can be hired after the shareholders' discussion and decision. When the company is registered, it is necessary to provide identification of the legal representative. Furthermore, it needs registered capital. After the new company law was introduced, the capital verification step was revoked. However, the capital to maintain the company's basic operations is still necessary. Therefore, Local regulations or 【191566.com】istrative regulations in different regions may stipulate different registered capital; there is also the need to determine the name and address of the company. The address of the company should be the main place of business of the company. Companies in a region repeat; the last point is to have a company charter that provides for Their discipline, pay attention to the articles of association is not illegal law.

Compared with general company registration, Nantong registered company has its own characteristics, such as the need to go through some documents for approval, such as the approval of transport permits. In addition to the above requirements, registration also has regional characteristics. Registration requirements in different regions may be different. Those who intend to register should understand the regional requirements for registration.

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