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Registered companies in other places enjoy tax policies for reasonable corporate tax planning.

Release date: 2019-05-22 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Not only that, the preferential tax policies brought by the headquarters economy's investment promotion are also popular in coastal cities. Enterprises in the economic development zone are accumulated day by day. Enterprises in the north and south are enjoying tax incentives through remotely registered companies to reach reasonable tax planning. Yes, it is not only reasonable and legal. The tax rate is nationally determined. The Economic Development Zone is only willing to partially support the taxation brought by the settled enterprises for the purpose of attracting investment, (15523) to ensure that the business operation process avoids tax risks. For example, the approved collection is the willingness of many companies to stop registering in different places. (180852) The approved income tax of 2% can handle the corporate income tax pressure in the service industry.

Nowadays, the headquarters economy is attracting more and more investment in the inland areas, especially in the provinces and municipalities in the southwest, and local regions have introduced preferential tax policies to promote the economy. Take an economic development zone in a municipality as an example. The city is located on the banks of the Yangtze River. It has thriving water transportation, a full set of airports, and high-speed rail. Its location advantage is outstanding. Regarding the investment-incorporated enterprises, they are given very good tax concessions. A small-scale individual-owned enterprise established in the service industry can apply for the approval of a Nantong registered company. 1_1547779553745.jpg Levy, approved income tax 2%, value added tax 3%, surcharge tax 0.18%, comprehensive tax rate is only 5.18%; the establishment of a limited company can enjoy the local tax storage reward refund, (19112) value added tax and corporate income tax are returned to the centrally retained 50% ~ 70% of Nantong registered companies, all of which are retained at the first level, (388362) rewards will be returned to the account in the next month of taxation every month, and large taxpayers will discuss it on a case-by-case basis!

Preferential tax policies for sole proprietorships:

办理更快,账目更简单但由于遭到各种要素影响,目前园区仅支持小范围个人独资企业享用税收优惠政策,核定征收个人所得税(个独企业没有企业所得税)。 1. Due to the enterprise-wide approach, a sole proprietorship is faster to register than a limited company, and accounts are simpler. However, due to various factors, the park currently only supports small-scale individual sole proprietorships to enjoy tax preferential policies and verify the collection of personal income tax ( Individual companies have no corporate income tax).

2. Individual income tax quota verification: After registration, the enterprise submits an application for verification and collection to the park and enjoys a 2% tax assessment.

3. Comprehensive tax rate for individual enterprises: 2% (tax) + 3% (value-added tax) + 0.18% (surplus tax) = 5.18%

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