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What are the registration conditions for a financial leasing company in a registered agent?

Release date: 2019-05-23 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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Financial leasing companies are asset management institutions that work in finance, trade, and industry. More technical services in the service trade. Of course, it also touches funds. The main line is to serve investors, not the venture capital business that owns all its own funds and is stuck in the project. Therefore, the leasing company is neither a bank nor a loan company, nor is it an investment company, but a knowledgeable technology company.

The purchase and sale of financial leases generally involve the participation of three parties (lessor, lessee, and supplier). At least two contracts (finance lease contract, purchase contract) are required. It is a comprehensive sale of financing and financing. The lessor purchases the leased items from the lessor and provides them for use by the lessee according to the choice of the lessor to the item and the supplier, and the lessee pays the rent. After the lease period is over, the lessee usually purchases the leased item at the tasteful price of the Italian Nantong registered company , and the ownership of the leased item is transferred from the lessor to the lessee. The decision maker of the Purchase Contract is the lessee, and the buyer of the Purchase Contract is the lessor. The supplier delivers to the lessee in accordance with the agreement in the Purchase Contract. Financial leasing business suspension tax tax line belongs to the financial and insurance industry Nantong registered company 1_1547779553745.jpg . The professional knowledge touched on by the financial leasing business is very common, such as finance, trade, and professional related to objects; the required business knowledge and professional skills are higher, such as the preliminary planning and packaging of the project, structural design, fundraising, management of objects There are many legal and regulatory issues and policy issues that require harmony.

Foreign-invested financial leasing companies should meet the following conditions: (1) the registered capital is not less than 10 million US dollars; (2) the operating period of a foreign-invested financial leasing company in the form of a limited liability company generally does not exceed 30 years; Professionals and managers should have corresponding professional qualifications and at least three years of professional experience. Investor qualifications: The total assets of foreign investors (foreign companies, enterprises, and other economic organizations) must not be less than $ 5 million. For the establishment of a company limited by shares, the company's registered capital is limited to RMB 30 million, of which the shares purchased and held by foreign shareholders should not be less than 25% of the company's registered capital.

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