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What are the five major considerations for the newly registered companies for industry and commerce in 2019?

Release date: 2019-05-23 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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1. Verify the name: Obtain the "Application Form for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name" from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, fill in the company name to be used, and find any violations and double names of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce on the Internet. If the review is approved, a "Company Name Pre-approval Notice" will be issued.

2. The business scope of an enterprise can be specific Baidu, but the declaration of business scope is not as much as possible. This will increase your taxes and bring unnecessary tax returns, and the expansion of the scale of business in the future will affect the scope of business. The change is also very simple; the minimum registered capital of a one-person limited company is 100,000 yuan, the minimum registered capital of a limited company with no special requirements is 30,000 yuan, and the minimum registered capital of a one-person limited company is 100,000 yuan, but limited without special requirements The company's minimum registered capital is 30,000 yuan. It should be pointed out that companies in different industries have different requirements for registered capital, which is based on industry regulations in specific countries.

Nantong registered company registered address

According to the "Company Law" and "Property Law", the office address on the company's registered commercial property certificate is preferably an office building, and false registration addresses must not be filled in. Supervisory authorities are very strict in managing this sector. They do it all the time. The bank stipulates that the billing address must be collected by the bank from house to house. If you want to save money, renting dual-use properties will be much cheaper.

set up an account

Open a basic account number according to your business license and go to the bank. There are a lot of forms that need to be filled in to open a Ji Nantong registered company account. Your Nantong registered company is best to bring everything you can take with you, otherwise you will have to travel multiple times, including the original business license, ID card, official seal, financial seal and official seal.

A basic deposit account is a bank settlement account that a depositor needs to open for daily transfer settlement and cash receipts and payments. The basic deposit account is the deposit account of the depositor. Depositors use this account to receive and pay funds and their salaries, bonuses, and cash in the daily business activities of depositors.

Qualification of registered company

A legal person is an organization with civil rights and capacity for civil conduct. It independently enjoys civil rights and assumes civil obligations in accordance with the law. All legal persons and institutions must be designated by the board of directors to represent the legal person. The legal representative of a domestic enterprise can be a law-abiding Chinese citizen, who has the right to vote and does not necessarily own equity. Before registering a company, it is best to check whether the legal representative's tax records are Oops, if this is the case, it is better to replace the company registered in Nantong 1_1547779553745.jpg , Otherwise you will bring yourself unnecessary tax difficulties.

After company registration, taxation is a more important business. If your company is involved in the sale of products, you should apply for an invoice to the national tax authority, and if the nature of the company's services is, you should issue a tax invoice to the local. Then it opens. Pay attention to reporting the tax on time every month. Even if no company does not need to pay tax, it must be declared zero, otherwise it will be fined.

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