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How should we choose to register or not register a new company?

Release date: 2019-05-26 Content from: http://jlangstudio.com/

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1. With the main body of legal management, it is also the mainstream of China's economic form and enjoys wider protection of national policies. When the company is established, it can handle government inspections in daily operations, and it can focus more on its customers than on inspections.

时开办一家公司无疑是企业正规化和法制化的第一步。 2. It is necessary to cooperate with customers and operate under license, which is in line with the rationalization of customers. Starting a company when Nantong Industrial and Commercial Registration is the undoubtedly the first step of formalization and legalization of enterprises. Imagine, under the same price and the same conditions, that you usually choose a fully qualified company as a partner, or a person who has nothing to do with it? Then we can understand that the establishment of the company has a considerable effect on the reputation and integrity of the company to a certain extent.

3. Facilitate the establishment of the company's brand. Registered companies not only have the qualification to apply for a domestic trademark in Nantong , but the company's branding is mutual. The company is the main body of a solid brand, a company with good reputation and strong strength, and can often create an excellent brand. This is what every enterprise is happy to see, and it is also a guarantee of the confidence of each customer in brand recognition.

(4) Difficulty in financing, credit, personal financing, and bank loans. With a company, you can apply for a credit loan from a bank, a mortgage loan from Gongnantong Registered Company, and other ways to raise funds. This fund can be a good addition. An industrial and commercial registration company registered in Shanghai shall apply to the registration authority for the establishment of the company according to law. The company shall affix a business license, open a bank account and handle tax registration.

开具发票的需要、业务往来、发票是一个不可避免的环节,在过去,因为你做了一点生意,你不需要发票,也不需要发票给客户,那么你只能在这个有限的圈子里流动,显然它不能满足你业务发展的需要。 5. The need for Nantong company registration and issuance of invoices, business transactions, and invoices are an unavoidable link. In the past, because you did a little business, you did n’t need invoices or invoices to customers. Flowing in the circle, obviously it cannot meet the needs of your business development. Both large companies and large enterprises need invoices, which is the direction that formal enterprises should take. The company can apply for Nantong registered company on its own 1_1547779553745.jpg Invoicing, in addition to certain conditions, can also deduct taxes.

6. Buying social security. For some foreign hukou entrepreneurs, they don't want to bring prosperity to the entrepreneurial city and take away a desolate place. You can take root here and create a blueprint for development here. At present, in many places, social security cannot be bought by individuals, let alone enjoy social security benefits here.

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