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Do you know the seven common questions in the company registration fee and process?

Release date: 2019-05-29 Content source: http://jlangstudio.com/

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I. How can a Nantong registered company name be more easily approved?

The name of the enterprise applying for registration shall comply with the “Regulations on the Administration of Registration of Enterprise Names”, “Implementation Measures for the Administration of Registration of Enterprise Names” and the relevant laws and regulations, and the name of the application shall be composed of 【191566.com】istrative divisions, trade names, industries, and organizational forms.

Basic rules for industry and commerce name checking: (1) The company name in the same industry cannot be the same as the name of a company registered in Nantong. (2) The name search is a pair-by-name check, that is, when two or more font sizes are opened, separate names are checked. If any two of the characters are unavailable, the entire font size cannot be used.

下来拿到那些资料? What kind of information did the company register to get?

1) Original and copy of business license;

2) Official seal, financial seal, legal person seal;

3) The company's articles of association (original copy to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau)

What types of Nantong registered companies are there and how do they differ?

Taking limited liability companies as an example, they are roughly divided into two categories:

1. Service companies: such as consulting, intermediary, technology services, cultural exchange services, retail trade, etc.

2. Business and trade companies: such as product manufacturing, wholesale trade, group, etc.

Differences between individual industrial and commercial households and limited companies

A limited company is responsible for the company's debts with all its assets, and its shareholders are responsible for the amount of its capital contribution. Individual industrial and commercial households bear unlimited liability for debt. Individual industrial and commercial households do not have legal personality. Limited company has legal personality.

V. The paid-in and subscription of registered capital in Nantong registered companies are different

The term "subscription" was adopted on a large scale from the new company law into the company law. Before the company law was amended, setting up a company was laborious. There are requirements not only in the amount of registered capital, but also in terms of the form of capital contribution. Previously, the actual contribution was paid, but now it is the subscribed contribution, which is also one of the first major reforms. But what exactly is actual payment and what is subscription?

Before the 2013 amendment of the Company Law. There are requirements for the registered capital of a company, not only in terms of the amount, but also in terms of form. Investors are required to pay the capital in real before they can register with the Administration for Industry and Commerce. After the new company law came into effect, the requirements for the company's establishment conditions greatly increased. 1_1547779553745.jpg Relax.

Nantong registered companies only require a small number of industry companies to register and also require registered capital and capital forms. The lower limit of registered capital of most industry companies is revoked, which is why we say that one yuan can set up a company. In addition, the form is no longer necessary to make a real payment, but you can explain how much you have invested before you can register the company. Subscription and actual payment are almost two opposite concepts.

6. A previously registered company has been revoked. Can I register a new company?

No, after being revoked, you will be on the blacklist of industry and commerce and tax authorities. Taxes must be paid after being fined. Industry and commerce is usually automatically dismissed in 3 years.

What are the responsibilities of shareholders of a registered company in Nantong?

1.Comply with the company's articles of association;

2.Pay the subscribed capital contributions on time;

3. Limited liability for the company's debts; shareholders of a limited liability company are indirectly responsible for the company's debts only to the extent of their capital contribution, that is, shareholders do not have to take responsibility for the company's debts with their own personal property.

4. Obligation to fill up capital contribution: In the following cases, the shareholders of a limited liability company bear the obligation to make up capital contribution: When the company is established, if a shareholder does not invest in currency but in kind, industrial property, non-patented technology, land use rights In the case of capital contribution, if the actual price after the valuation is significantly lower than the value assessed in the company's articles of association, the shareholder who delivered the capital contribution shall make up the difference, and other shareholders shall bear joint and several liabilities.

5. Additional capital contribution obligations; additional capital contribution means that in addition to the shareholders 'capital contribution in accordance with their respective subscription amounts, the shareholders' meeting can also make a resolution requiring shareholders to pay again in excess of their capital contribution amount. The additional capital contribution obligation is an arbitrary record in the company's articles of association, that is, the "Company Law" does not list its content, but once recorded, it should take effect.

6. After the company has approved the registration, no capital may be withdrawn without authorization.

7. Honest trust in the company and other shareholders.

8. Other obligations that should be fulfilled according to law.

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